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Hiring an Estate Sale Company, Blog #3 "Do Your Due Diligence When Hiring,Part 1&

There are several avenues in which to find an estate sale company including the internet and references from family and friends. When hiring an estate sale company, ask your friends and families if they have ever used one that they can recommend. When asking this, ask if they hired one or how they know about this certain company. You do not want a recommendation based on a sign that they saw close to their neighborhood. Hire based on facts and personal experience. Many people use "Google" to find an estate sale company. This is going to bring up many estate sale company's websites directly and this is where they will advertise to you, saying anything to grab your attention. This is an import

Hiring an Estate Sale Company Blog #2

How do we really know which estate sale company is the best for us? Which estate sale company is going to do the best job for us? Which estate sale company is going to make the most money for us? What services should be included when hiring an estate sale company? Do you have any of these questions listed above? If you do, like many families and realtors do often, follow the recommendations to find out who is the best for you and who is going to do what they say they will. In a business where so many people are being taken advantage of, we are here to tell you how to protect yourself and how to to hire the best estate sale company that you can. The number one most important way to find an es

Hiring An Estate Sale Company Blog #1

Many people over the years have asked me how to hire an estate sale company and what to look for when hiring one. It has been easy over the years to give people four or five questions to ask and a couple of items to look for, however this question has gotten much more difficult over the past year or two. These are things that families and estates need to be aware of when hiring an estate sale company. The first thing that every family needs to be aware of, is that this industry is not regulated. There is no licensing or certification for an estate sale liquidator. Anyone can open an estate sale company with no experience at all. Everyone must have a beginning in any business, but do you want

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