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Hiring an Estate Sale Company Blog #2

How do we really know which estate sale company is the best for us? Which estate sale company is going to do the best job for us? Which estate sale company is going to make the most money for us? What services should be included when hiring an estate sale company?

Do you have any of these questions listed above? If you do, like many families and realtors do often, follow the recommendations to find out who is the best for you and who is going to do what they say they will.

In a business where so many people are being taken advantage of, we are here to tell you how to protect yourself and how to to hire the best estate sale company that you can.

The number one most important way to find an estate sale company for you, your family, or for a client, is to go to several estate sales of experienced estate sale companies. Our company has been told many times over the years, we came to your estate sale and there was no comparison to the others that we visited. Ask yourself how the staff was selling items in the home, were they respectful of customers and friendly, and was the company looking out for the client's best interest by having all items staged and priced. We truly believe that if you go to several estate sales, one of the companies is going to stand out among the rest.

The number two most important thing to look for when hiring an estate sale company is an estate sale company's process. This question needs to be asked during the consultation so you know exactly what to expect. You want to hear a clear step by step process about what is going to happen. This should include terms like "set-up", staging, pricing, etc. A company's perfected process makes this efficient and able to spend more time on important aspects of your sale.

The third most important thing to look for when hiring is estate sale only experience. As stated in Hiring an Estate Sale Company Blog 1, an estate sale company should have a minimum of five years of experience in the estate sale liquidation business solely. The estate sale business is different than any other industry, as you are hiring a company to be an organizer, a stager, a photographer, an appraiser, an internet marketer, an advertising coordinator, a cashier, a sales associate, an accountant, and a project manager. Experience in all of these things is critical for a successful sale. Ask your estate sale company, how many years have you owned this estate sale business and look for a straight answer, not well I...............

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