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Hear from some of our previous clients.......

Wow! Very Impressive


Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the info and your most thorough job..... Wow Very Impressive....Thanks again for all your effort on our behalf.
Mike said you did a wonderful job setting up, thank you. 

R. Hoffman

....Super job by you and your team.....


Thanks so much for the super job by you and your team.  Please mail me a stack of your business cards - Mom wants to hand them out to friends of hers who will be needing estate sales.


J. Lockard


I thought our grand total would be what we did in one day! It was unbelievable. Thank you for all you did.


Mr. G Clark

I'm impressed!


Hi Ashley,
Thank you so much for all the detailed information. I'm impressed! Thank you again for all your hard work. I am really happy I went with you and thank your mom for being so informative and persistent. 


K. Marshall


You all are awesome!


Thank you so much -we are very pleased. You all are awesome!  


B. Wyche


You exceeded our expectations!


"You exceeded our expectations!"




Hi Ashley,
We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with recent our estate sale ... Vintage Girls sold more items than we expected at a higher price than we expected ... and conducted the sale in a professional & organized manner that impressed us, estate sale shoppers and our neighbors. We would definitely recommend Vintage Girls to our friends & family -- you have a great team and fantastic a service -- it's been great working with you!
All our best!
Craig & Kris Michael


Setting Realistic Expectations for the Whole Process


Dear Ashley and Your Whole Team, 
Thank you for your service to my family during such a difficult and emotional time. Yall have gone above and beyond for us. I would recommend our service without hesitation. Your professionalism and compassion are unparalleled. I appreciate all of your honesty and setting realistic expectations for the whole process. Ya’ll provide a truly unique gift. Thank you. 

Dr. Weprich


I recommend TVG highly, and I feel there is no comparable competition in the Atlanta area, and probably a lot larger radius as well.


To Ashley Wheeler and Team,

As the Executor of my mom's estate, and living in New York, I was overwhelmed with work to do in getting my mom's affairs in order, selling her home and its contents and getting back to New York in a reasonable period of time.
The moment I met Ashley, I knew I did not have to look any further, and I didn't, to find a company to sell the contents of my mom's beautiful home for thirty years. I was literally overwhelmed with details, legal matters, both mentally and physically grueling and draining.
One of the major tasks on my check list was checked off and I felt so relieved when Ashley and I scheduled the Estate Sale.
The feedback that I got from friends and neighbors who attended the sale was fabulous, telling me both that they were so impressed with my mom's taste in her possessions as well as how smoothly, professionally and logically the Estate Girls ran the sale.
This made me feel so completely happy about my initial judgement and impression of Ashley and her team that no dollar amount could equal.

Everything from the way she organized the items, to the spread sheet of the tally to the web site photos of both sold and unsold items, was completely professional and done just as promised.
I gave Ashley total access as there was no family member to stop by at the end of the day as I am basically the one in charge, and I was already back in New York.
The honesty and trust are impeccable as well. She added another amount to the final tally and I asked where it come from. She told me she sold an item as well on Ebay after the sale was over that had not sold. I know all the estate sales require implicit trust, as the owner is not present, but I would never have had a clue that something was sold outside the house sale.
I recommend TVG highly, and I feel there is no comparable competition in the Atlanta area, and probably a lot larger radius as well.

Dr. Ken

Dedicated and Very Efficient Staff


I want to congratulate you for having such dedicated and very efficient staff. 
I spent some time at the sale today and was very pleased at the way they had organized and conducted the sale. 
It will be my pleasure to recommend your organization to anyone interested in having an estate sale. 

Mr. L Owens

You do an amazing job


I have been singing your praises to my friends. You do an amazing job. 


B. White

Appreciate all your hard work


We are very happy with the outcome and appreciate all your hard work, Ashley. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I hear of who needs your services.

Sonya Z

This is Fabulous!


Oh Ashley..this is Fabulous!! Thank you so much!! My neighbor directly across the street shot a pic of all of the cars & the people in a line out to the street on FB!....Great job!


A Fine Job! Thank you!

Ms. Columbia


I never could have done it all without, The Vintage Girls!


To all my new friends at The Vintage Girls.....



Well, the estate sale is now over, our home closed on time and we have now made the transition into our lake home is SC.  Whew~ what a whirlwind!!  I hate MOVING!  With that being said, I realize I never could have done it all without, The Vintage Girls!


Having an Estate Sale was a BIG question for me as I have hosted a slew of successful 'Garage Sales' in the past so, I thought, "how hard could a moving or estate sale really be??".   But, when I walked around and saw all I had to sell in a 10,000 sq. ft. home furnished to the brim, I realized this challenge might be a bit more than I could handle & maybe I needed to rethink running this on my own....DUH.... BOY, AM I GLAD I DID!!  The amount of work entailed to set up for the sale was more than I imagined & without the help from TVG, I would never have gotten through it. 


You gals showed up on schedule & got right to work.  Everyone had their own jobs and areas of expertise but also worked well together as a team.  Efficiency is important in trying to run something like this and you all demonstrated that.  We had our moments (haha!!) as it is stressful for the homeowner to watch what is transpiring in their home, but my situation was highly unusual because we ran the sale before the closing of our home to the new owners.  All in all, we had some fun times & I can honestly say, I met some really wonderful folks - all of you on board at TVG, as well as some of the 'customers' in our home!!  


Although it's never easy to watch your personal possessions walk out the front doors (even when you want them too), after a day of being with all of you & watching the numbers begin to add up..... I quickly learned to HELP push the items out of our home!!!   LOL!!


Once we decide to sell our lake home, I will not think twice about inviting & hiring TVG to run my next Estate Sale from SC!  I had a tough goal to meet with regards to how much I had hoped to sell & will never forget the day we made a pretend 'drum role' while Ashley announced our grand total!!!  My goal was not only met, but surpassed (and I know TVG was too), & we all had tears in our eyes.... how often does that happen in these financial times??! 


I hope each of your customers are enjoying your purchases they made at my sale & I thank you all for a successful sale, a heartwarming experience & many, many laughs!  It is something I truly will never forget & neither will my family.  I'd still like to come work w/you gals some day... staging or selling.... I LOVE BOTH! 


Hugs to all of you & I look forward to seeing you again soon!



Julie DeBacco

PS... Kodi & Kenzi send their 'wet kisses' to each one of you!!


Raved about the estate sale....I recommend your services



Dear Ashley,


The flurry of activity is over. The estate sale was a huge success. And our house sale closing is today.  With all this behind us I wanted to say “WOW “and ‘Thank you’ for all the work your team did.


Upon our retirement, my wife and I decided to downsize, move into a smaller townhouse and sell all our household furnishings, starting out anew. When we first met and you introduced us to the services of The Vintage Girls, it sounded too good to be true. But we were hopeful most of this would happen as you stated.  Everything happened as you stated and more. We are very impressed with your work and are grateful for the results of your efforts. We could never have done this on our own.


The pricing of our items by you was great, often asking and getting more than we would have estimated ourselves. The staging of the items was organized and thorough.  Thirty years in our home resulted in lots of stuff to dispose of.


Finally, on the first morning of the sale, I had to stop by to drop off/pick up some items forgotten in the move. Our entire cul-de-sac was packed with cars, as was both sides of the street going up to the stop sign. There were people walking towards their cars with our stuff and smiles on their faces.  What a huge crowd.  And from the daily totals, the crowds got bigger. I should have warned the neighbors.

We saw our empty house yesterday prior to today’s closing. It was cleaned, spacious and ready for its new owners.  Just amazing.  And the friends we asked to stop by raved about the estate sale and the organizational structure.


My wife and I cannot thank you enough for doing such a complete and competent job of finding new owners for our years of accumulated treasures. I recommend your services to anyone looking to liquidate their furniture and belongings.


With great appreciation,

Paul and Judy Richards

Great Job!


Ashley, when we made our decision to downsize, one of biggest issues was what to do with the furniture
and other household items that would not make the transition with us. What a blessing to find The
Vintage Girls! The professional and caring manner in which you handled our estate sale made that part
of the process almost effortless for us, and made the entire endeavor that much easier. We are not sure
how we would have gotten through this without your help.
We would recommend to anyone in a similar situation that they hire your company. Great job!
John M. Mastin

Simply put, you're amazing....


Ms. Ashley Wheeler

The Vintage Girls

(Via Electronic Delivery)


Dear Ashley:

         I’m writing to express my appreciation for The Vintage Girl’s superbly choreographed liquidation of my household.  Your staff exceeded all expectations.  Recognizing that the house was over-flowing with personal goods, I was concerned that I’d be left after the sale with the burdensome task of donating unsold furniture and other property.  To my pleasant surprise, the house was completely empty when the sale concluded.  You liquidated valuable assets; but you also sold the tough stuff - - door mats, curtains, Tupperware, can openers, etc.  You left nothing for me to do except turn-off the lights and lock the doors.  I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.  Simply put, you’re amazing !!! 


                                                                              Bob Moore

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